Thank you for visiting my website. I`ve put together some pictures on my travels in Canada, of Aurora and wildlife through natures perspective.

People keep asking me "Why do you take Aurora pictures?" That question confuses me. Because I can not remember the reason why I began to take pictures of the Aurora. I used to have an every day life like work from 9 to 5, going for dinner occasionally, and camping from time to time, and what not. But I started thinking something was wrong with this picture. And so it dawned on me why not take pictures of something beautiful, and whats more beautiful than the Aurora. There was no plan at all and I just wanted to take the best pictures in my life.

The word "lapis" which is in the address of this website, comes from the word "lapis lazuli" jewellery. In China it is called "Blue Golden Stone" and that stone has shiny dusts in it. That makes me imagine countless shining stars at the night sky. So I decided to use the word lapisnightD

I would be hounored if you can see the great beauty of nature through this website.

Shiori Uchino